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39. Covadonga Sanctuary, Covadonga
AftertheArabsconqueredSpaininthe8thCentury,afewsmallChristian enclaves managed
to resist, mainly in the North of the country. Tradition says that one of these resistance
groups, led by the noble Don Pelayo, started the Reconquista , or the Reconquest of Spain in
the Battle of Covadonga , later becoming King of Asturias. Nowadays, a beautiful monastery
can be found in this spectacular area, surrounded by lakes and mountains.
Besides the monastery, there's a small hermitage devoted to the Virgin Mary, and located
in the very cave where Pelayo resisted the Arabs in that famous battle. Visitors can see the
tombs that according to tradition hold the remains of Don Pelayo and his son-in-law Alfonso
I , who is considered by some to be the first Christain king of Spain, and by others the third .
The sanctuary is very close to Cangas de OnĂ­s ( English translation ), the beautiful city where
Don Pelayo's court was located.
Image Credit: The Holy Cave. Image by Dgiovin1 .
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