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of several important monarchs of the Kingdom of Castille, including the temple's founder,
Alphonso VIII , and his wife, Leonor Plantagenet (they were the first union between Spain
and England). The carved caskets where these ancient monarchs rest should not be missed
(see the image on the next page).
Image Credit: A general view of the monastery. Image by Cerezodeabajo .
When It's Free
citizens or residents. Free entrance for children under five, large families, teachers, and
people with disabilities. Entrance is also free for everyone on May 18, International Mu-
seum Day .
Contact Information
Calle de Compases de Huelgas, 8, 09001 Burgos
947 20 16 30
Neighborhood : West Burgos
Public Transportation: 17-minute walk from Burgos train station.
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