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33. Cathedral of Burgos, Burgos
With its exceptional interior decorations, works of art, and
grand architecture, the Cathedral of Burgos is considered
one of the finest religious buildings of Europe.
As with most of the larger temples in Spain, the Cathedral
of Burgos was built in the 13 th Century, when the Christian
kingdoms were winning decisive battles against the Moor-
ish kings ( Las Navas de Tolosa , in 1212 was considered a
turning point in the Reconquest ).
The cathedral was built on the site of a previous
Romanesque cathedral and would undergo several expan-
sions, not being considered complete until 300 years after
its founding. The Cathedral of Burgos was heavily influen-
ced by the French Gothic style (specifically the Reims Cathedral ) with later elements added
in the Baroque and Romanesque styles.
The two tall spires of the main façade are of German influence, and when built finally com-
pleted the building. As with other cathedrals of the era, it also serves as a tomb.
Cathedral of Burgois holds the remains of El Cid , the legendary Spanish medieval hero. In
1984, it became the only church in Spain not connected to a larger site or town to be desig-
nated a World Heritage Site .
Image Credit: General view of the cathedral. Image by Eltitomac.
When It's Free
Every day, at mass times. Check the website for the schedule .
Contact Information
Plaza Santa María, s/n, 09003 Burgos
947 20 47 12
Neighborhood : Centro.
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