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32. Castle of Montjuic, Barcelona
This fortress overlooking the Mediterranean has played an important role at many stages of
Barcelona's history. It started off as a simple watchtower, but in 1640 was built up as a small
fort, and in 1694 into a fully-fledged castle that would eventually be used in several internal
and external conflicts as a defense against sea invasions. It was a key spot during the War Of
Spanish Succession in the early 18 th Century, in which several European noblemen fought
over the crown of Spain.
At the and on the 18th Century, the castle was expanded, made able to hold several thousand
men and 120 cannons. At times, these cannons were used not to destroy invading boats, but
against the city of Barcelona, during various revolts. It was also used as a military prison
during the 19th and 20th Century, including the Civil War period and its aftermath, with sev-
eral thousand executions carried out between its walls.
Since 1963, the castle has been a military museum that teaches the rich history of the build-
ing and the historical events related to it. The castle is in very good condition due to extens-
ive conservation.
Image Credit: The wall and access bridge of the castle. Image by Puigalder .
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