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31. Castle of Castelldefels, Barcelona
Duringthe Moorish domination ofSpain, the lands today occupied bythe townofCastellde-
fels were in the frontier with the Caliphate of Córdoba. In the 10th Century, Count Sunyer
that would defend it. The town developed around these buildings and the hill that dominates
the surroundings.
Through their millennium-old history, both the castle and the church have gone through
many changes, expansion, damage, and in the late 20 th century, reconstruction. The castle
probably started off as little more than a protection wall. The church is of Romanesque style,
with a single nave and transept, as well as a cemetery and a courtyard. It contains some in-
teresting neoclassical paintings, and graffiti from the Spanish Civil War , that have been pre-
served for their historical value.
Image Credit: Partial view of the castle. Image by PCB75 .
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