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Spain is a diverse and hospitable country, with alluring weather, food, music, art, conver-
sation, landscapes, history…in short, rewarding travel experiences in a modern and lively
country. The only downside to travel in Spain is the expense. Spain, particularly Madrid, can
be muy caro, very expensive.
Expensive, that is, if you don't know where or when to go. That is why I have written this
book, to show you how to get free entrance, access, food, tours, and transportation to some
of the best sites in Espania .
Turns out that Spain is literally overflowing with free activities, destinations, events, and
shows. And that's what this topic is all about: having a good time without spending a dime.
For example, most of the important museums and monuments have at least one free day
every week or month. Also, on May 18 ( International Day of Museums ) , almost every mu-
seum can be visited for free.
With this topic, you have access to the best of what's free, compiled into one reference. Free
can mean totally free or free with the purchase of something else. If an attraction is free only
during certain times, I've listed those times and the costs for non-free times.
This e-book takes advantage of the Kindle format and includes several other useful features.
Each entry has links to the attraction's Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare,
Yelp, and Trip Advisor entries, so you can get reviews from other travelers. Just look for
these symbols:
In the description of each entry, you'll find links to give context and information about fam-
ous people, places, and events related to the attraction. Each entry also has a descriptive im-
age, contact information, and a link to the attraction's website.
This guidebook is designed to be used on the go. There's an interactive map that tells you
where all the free attractions are. Every entry also has a link to Google Maps, so you can get
directions from your current location. Many readers have written to let me know they used
the Amazon Reader App to read this topic to their smartphone, on location, just like an app.
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