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27. Army Museum, Toledo
For several centuries, Spain was one of the great powers of the world, with a vast empire
spread through several continents. Spain's fighting forces have had a rich and fascinating
history, accurately reflected in the Army Museum, located at the Alcázar of Toledo . Created
at1803,itholdsanimpressive collection ofweapons andarmor,dating backtoromantimes.
The Alcázaritself is a fascinating structure that resisted a siege during the civil war.
The museum offers a fascinating history of those who fought for (and against) Spain: their
uniforms, weapons, flags, vehicles, the battles they fought, and more.
The exhibited weapons range from the most primitive, like swords and spears, to the most
sophisticated, like plastic rifles, and include everything in between, like pistols, muskets and
cannons. Many are beautifully crafted pieces of art. Especially of note is the large collection
of suits of armor, some of which were used in battle and have the holes that show it.
Image Credit: An exhibition of rifles. Image by Gonzolito .
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