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26.Lladró Museum, Tavernes Blanques (Valencia)
Lladró started off as small family company that produced luxury porcelain figures. Their
work was of such high quality and became so popular that it took them little more than a
decade to start selling it to other countries and establishing factories abroad. Today the com-
pany is firmly established as one of the top porcelain brands in the world.
Visitors of the Lladró museum learn about the company's workshops, where the artisans of-
fer explanations of how their delicate pieces are made. It's a slow, complex process, and
even though the pieces are made using a cast, much of the work is hand-made, such as the
painting and decoration. The museum hosts pieces retired from the catalogue and that show-
case the artistic quality.
The museum also offers a pictorial collection, with 70 pieces from the 14 th Century to today,
with special emphasis on the Spanish Baroque Period , which inspired many of the brand's
pieces. It's also possible to visit the Lladró Brothers house, where their earliest works are
Image Credit: The front historical collection of the Museum. Image by Eseuvece .
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