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25. Caves of Altamira Museum, Santillana del Mar
Discovered in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria in the 19 th Century, the caves of
Altamira hold one of the most important sets of prehistorical pictures in all the world (from
the paleolithic age). After several decades receiving hundreds of visitor per day, the experts
determined that the caves' integrity was endangered, so an almost perfect replica was built
in its proximities, found inside the museum that can be visited today.
In a way, it can be said the replica is more true to life than the original, for it approximates
what the cave was like during prehistoric times, when our ancestors inhabited it.
The museum also offers other exhibitions about life in ancient times as well as workshops
where visitors can learn how our ancestors made fire, hunted deer, or used natural resources.
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Image Credit: Ceiling of the cave replica. Image by D. Rodríguez .
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