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23. Prehistoric Art Center Tito Bustillo, Ribadesella
In 1968, the members of a mountaineering club descended into a small cave in Ribadesella
(Asturias), where they discovered an amazing set of prehistoric paintings, some dating back
22,000 years. This art, created in the Magdalenian Period , is easily on par with that found on
the caves of Altamira, making this archaeological site one of the most important in Europe.
The Tito Bustillo Cave paintings feature themes such as animals, humans and signs. You
can visit both the caves and an art center. In the art center, there are exhibitions related to
the caves and prehistoric art, as well as workshops and activities for youth. In the caves, it's
possible to see some of the actual paintings.
Image Credit: Interior of the center. Image b y Falconaumanni..
When It's Free
Free entrance on Wednesdays. Otherwise admission to the art center is €5.20 with a reduced
rate of €3.10 for groups, youth, seniors, students, the disabled, and others. Regular admis-
sion to the art center and caves is €7.20 with a reduced rate of €5.20. The cave can be visited
by groups of fifteen people from March to October, but it's necessary to make a reservation
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