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21. Cosmocaixa, Madrid
Cosmocaixa Madrid is a 130,000 square foot museum designed by the architects Esteve
and Robert Terradas. The building consists of three levels connected by circular walkways.
There are four main areas: a permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, a digital Planet-
arium and a rock garden with samples from all over the Iberian Peninsula.
The museum promotes scientific learning, particularly for kids, and it offers a wide variety
of activities including conferences, courses, exhibitions, public astronomical observations,
and guided activities for families.
The building facilitates a playful yet rigorous approach to science which inquisitive visitors
of any age can enjoy. The digital planetarium uses one of the most advanced systems in ex-
istence, projecting high-quality 3D images over a semi-spherical screen to immerse viewers
in a dynamic universe.
A favorite permanent exhibition is “¡Toca, toca!” (“Touch, touch!”), an animal and botanical
area where children are encouraged to interact with animals and plants.
Image Credit: One of the center's experiments. Image by Nachosan .
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