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20.La Casa Encendida, Madrid
Opened in 2002, La Casa Encendida is a cultural center of Spain's oldest savings bank Caja
Madrid . It was created to promote artistic expressions such as theater and the arts, as well
as environmental and social consciousness. The center is one of the best places in Madrid
to attend free cultural activities, including movie sessions, workshops and courses, many of
which are free of charge. The institution also supports young artists through grants and pro-
La Casa Encendida serves as a cultural resources archive, also open for everyone, and in-
cludes a book library, a media library and a multimedia laboratory (for radio, photography
and other media). Their courses cover subjects such as languages, computing, literature,
multimedia and outdoor activities. Some of the exhibitions and workshops are children-spe-
cific. The center is located at a very nice classic building, and opens every day from 10 AM
to 10 PM.
Image Credit: The exterior of the center. Image by Luis GarcĂ­a.
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