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19.Royal Mint Museum, Madrid
coins and bills are made in this building, but its walls hold
not only the money that Spaniards use today, but also many
samples of the one they used in the past. The Royal Mint
museum makes a fascinating trip through the history of
money in Spain and also displays other items made in the
The permanent collection is divided into historical periods,
starting when money had not yet been invented and other
objects were used as payment. The Greeks introduced the
first coins, an invention adopted bythe Romans, whofirst used bronze and then finer metals,
like silver and gold, a custom that was kept through the centuries. Bills were invented much
later, when the economy had become fairly more sophisticated.
Visitors will be able to see examples of money from all these periods, and learn about their
production techniques. Some of the coins, like the ones from the colonization of America,
are solid silver and gold. There's also a section dedicated to stamps, lottery tickets and other
kinds of tools needed to combat forgery.
Image Credit: A coining press. Image by Luis GarcĂ­a .
When It's Free
Every day.
Contact Information
Calle del Doctor Esquerdo, 36, 28028 Madrid
925 25 40 30 ( English Translation)
Neighborhood : Goya.
Public Transportation: O'Donnell Metro Station (Line 6).
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