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10. House of Columbus, Las Palmas
Openedin1950,theHouseofColumbus,locatedinLasPalmasdeGranCanaria, isaunique
museum devoted to the relationship of the Canary Islands with the discovery and coloniza-
tion of America. It has thirteen exposition halls, a library and a study center.
The most popular attraction of the museum may be the exquisitely detailed ship models ex-
hibited throughout the halls. They will give visitors a good idea of how these vessels looked
and operated, how sailors were able to travel from continent to continent without the help of
engines. A favorite with kids.
There's one model that beats them all - a partial life size reproduction, of one of the three
ships that Christopher Columbus lead in his journey of discovery. It helps visitors to im-
merse themselves in the atmosphere ofthose uncertain voyages, and ofcourse it makes great
There are also some colorful tropical birds in the museum's courtyard, be sure to say
“hi” never know when they'll answer!
Image Credit: Entrance of the museum. Image by Clemensfranz .
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