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Cinema Museum of Gerona, Gerona
The Movie Museum of Girona takes visitors through the history of cinema by way of the
Tomás Mallor collection, which comprises about 20,000 objects and inventions on the topic.
Visitors will be able to see the very first projection devices, little more than sophisticated
lanterns. Later came the photography, and finally the first filming cameras, that allowed the
All stages of this industry are represented in the museum with parts of the collection devoted
to silent movie stars, the birth of television, amateur movie making devices, classic movie
star pictures, as well as a huge variety of advertising material.
The museum includes a library devoted to cinema topics, a research institute, activities for
young students and, of course, movie projections.
Image Credit: One of the museum's halls. Image by Museu del Cinema.
When It's Free
The first Sunday of each month. Also, for anyone under 16. Otherwise general admission
is € 5, reduced by 50% (€ 2.50) for students, the unemployed, and groups of 15 people or
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