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El Rastro, Madrid
El Rastro may be the largest flea market in Europe. Set up every Sunday morning near
the districts of Puerta de Toledo and La Latina, it has approximately 1,500 stalls, in with
an almost endless variety of items, both old and new, including books and magazines, fur-
niture, decorations, comics, movies, music, electronic appliances, home accessories and lots
of clothes.
Prices are usually much cheaper than in stores, but if you don't want to buy anything you
can still have a fascinating experience walking around the stalls, as each provides a small
taste of Spanish popular culture.
Ifyouarrivebeforethedaybegins,youcanwitnessthefascinating spectacle ofthehundreds
of sellers setting up their stalls in the previously empty streets.
Image Credit: An elevated view of El Rastro. Image by Alberto Salguero .
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