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Market of San Antón, Madrid
The San Antón Market has existed in one form or another since the 19 th century, but opened
in 2011 in its present form. The new market takes advantage of its location in the Chueca
neighborhood, just north of the old city, which has become home to many in the LBGT
community and has been the heart of Madrid nightlife for some years now. These days San
Antón is not only a place to buy food, but also to hang around and enjoy drinks, tapas or
dinner with friends.
The market has three floors connected by escalators, and there's a chic, contemporary at-
mosphere throughout. You'll find a lot of stalls selling products such as fresh fish, cheese,
meats and breads. There are also several bars and restaurants, including one with a big ter-
race where you can enjoy an outdoor meal or drink.
Image Credit: A fruit stall in San Antón Market. Image by TiiaMonto .
When It's Free
Admission is free for everyone. The market is open Monday to Saturday, 10 AM - 10 PM.
Parking is free if you purchase products totaling at least €30.
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