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Science Museum of Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca
The science museum of Castilla-La Mancha, located at
Cuenca, gives visitors a comprehensive view of our plan-
et, with emphasis in its geology, life forms and the tech-
nologies developed by humans through the ages. Other
development of technology, that will help us to colonize
other planets.
There are five main exhibitions: The Time Machine ex-
plores the history of human technology, with several in-
teractive devices that help us to understand several phys-
ical principles. Earth Treasures is devoted to geology
and biology, with a complete timeline of the different life forms that have populated Earth.
History of the future isdevotedtospaceexploration,showingseveralvehiclescurrentlyused
for space travel, as well as future exploration projects and experiments designed to advance
thatfield.The Engine of life isdevotedtotheenvironment andenergy,withdifferentdevices
that help us to understand how energy works and is transformed. Finally, Astronomy offers
us a Planetarium with spectacular projections of the universe.
This ambitious museum also has several temporary exhibitions that are regularly changed.
A great stop for anyone who likes science, physics, technology, or space.
Image Credit: Earth seen from space. Image by NASA .
When It's Free
Free entrance on Saturdays and Sundays, otherwise admission is € 1.20.
Contact Information
Plaza de la Merced, 1, 16001 Cuenca
969 24 03 20 English Translation )
Neighborhood : Cuenca.
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