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Market of Sant Antoni, Barcelona
Built in 1882, Sant Antoni is one of the traditional markets of Barcelona, and like any good
market it's devoted primarily to fresh foods. What distinguishes Sant Antoni is its exterior,
where you'll find an additional market which sells a great variety of goods, most notably
clothes and shoes. On Sundays, this flea market gets a bit more specialized and includes
second-hand books, stamps, magazines and comic.
If you're interested in European buildings from the 19th century, you'll want to check out
the building itself. It is primarily constructed of iron, with a large overhang which makes
the outdoor market possible. Visiting Sant Antoni, you'll be able to witness two different
atmospheres: the daily life of local people who are shopping for groceries and clothes and,
on Sundays, the collectors trying to locate a rare novel or comic-book.
Image Credit: The outside of the market. Image by Tamugi .
When It's Free
There is no admission charge to visit the market. Hours are Monday to Thursday 7 AM to
2:30PMand5PMto8:30PM,andFridayandSaturday from7AMto8:30PM.Themarket
is closed on Sundays. Parking is free if you purchase products totaling €30.
Contact Information
Carrer Comte d'Urgell, 1, 08011 Barcelona
934 26 35 21
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