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Las Fallas Festival, Valencia
There are two remarkable aspects of the Fallas, celeb-
rated annually in Valencia. First, the Falla monuments,
elaborate sculptures of enormous size (up to 100 feet)
made with a variety of lightweight materials. Second,
the fact that all these monuments -save one -will be
burned at the height of the festival. The monuments
aren't just built for decoration; they usually have a satir-
ical intention, and there are even booklets explaining
their themes. About 300 monuments are built each year,
with a jury choosing only one to be saved from the fire
on the “night of the burning,” held on March 19.
The Fallas is considered the most important festival in
the Valencia region. In addition to the monuments and
the burning, there are many free concerts and events,
spectacular fireworks on the “night of fire” (March 18)
and an election of the Queen of the Fallas (Fallera May-
or). Many of the attendees wear traditional Valencian at-
tire, adding a touch of color to an already spectacular and lively festival.
Image Credit: A Falla monument. Image by Falconaumanni .
When It's Free
The festival is free for everyone. Celebrated every March.
Contact Information
Junta Central Fallera. Av. de la Plata, 117, 46006. Valencia.
96 352 17 30
Neighborhood: Ciutat Vella.
Public Transportation: Colón Metro Station.
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