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Lovers of Teruel Festival, Teruel
The tale of the Lovers of Teruel dates from the 13 th cen-
tury.Although there are documents provingthat they were
real people, very little is known about this couple, and
their story is as much legend as history. Tradition says that
Diego Marcilla was a young man from Teruel who left to
go to war in order to get rich and obtain permission to
marry his beloved Isabel de Segura. But when he returned
to the city, Isabel had already married a rich man. Diego
asked her for a kiss, and when she refused, he died of
grief. The next day, during his burial, she finally kissed
him, and according to the legend she died immediately af-
The Lovers of Teruel Festival, celebrated since 1996, recreates this ancient story in lush de-
tail, in the very city where it all happened. The festival lasts for a weekend, during which a
medieval market is set up, complete with fakirs , storytellers and other entertainers. The fest-
ival has a great following among the locals, and up to 140 different groups participate in it,
recreating all the social classes of the time (merchants, clerics, peasants, artisans, and more).
If you attend the festival you may also wish to visit the mausoleum of the lovers , where two
beautiful statues set over their coffins pay tribute to their love story.
Image Credit: Mausoleum of the lovers. Image by Zarateman .
When It's Free
This is an open festival; there is no charge for admission. It is celebrated on the third week-
end of February.
Contact Information
Tourism of Teruel.Plaza San Juan, 7 • 44071. Teruel (Aragón)
978 647 400
Neighborhood: Teruel.
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