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Three Wise Men Parade (Several Cities)
the task of bringing presents to children is traditionally carried out by the three wise men
mentioned in the Bible (turned into three kings by tradition).
Santa is also popular, but the day children look forward to is January 5, when the Three
Kings visit them with presents to reward their good behavior. That is also the night of the
Kings' Parade.
Almost every Spanish city holds its own parade, a series of thematic floats, performers and
characters processing through the streets, waving to the cheering crowds and throwing them
candy. The last float, and the most anticipated, is the Kings. The most spectacular parades
are usually held in the major cites, where budgets are bigger. Each parade has its own iden-
tity and aesthetics; the one in Madrid is quite festive, while the one in Barcelona is more
artistic. Whichever parade you select, it's usually a great experience for kids.
Image Credit: Three Wise Men Parade in Seville. Image by Ateneo de Sevilla .
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