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Holy Week (Several Cities)
Although modern Spain is not as devout as it was in the past, Easter (and all of Holy Week)
remains the occasion for elaborate fiestas . This is especially true in southern regions like
Andalucía , where the holiday is one of most important events of the year. Central to Holy
Week celebrations are processions in which believers parade with images of Jesus Christ or
the Virgin Mary in remembrance of the Passion.
There are processions in nearly every Spanish city, so if you're in the country during Holy
Week, chances are you'll get to see one. Be aware that in cities like Seville it's hard to find
a good viewpoint, since the streets get very crowded and moving around becomes virtually
impossible (renting balconies is common practice).
Many paraders will wear the traditional “Nazarene” costume that identifies them as penit-
ents. The sound of the drums, the artistry of the figures, the flowers that decorate them and
the devotion of the believers completes the special atmosphere of Holy Week.
Image Credit: Holy Week in Seville. Image by ÁngelChacón .
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