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April Fair, Seville
The April Fair is without question the biggest event of the
year in Seville, and everyone who wants to be someone in the
city goes there to see and to be seen. The festival is held in a
vastfencedareafullof casetas (marqueetents)thatofferfood,
drinks and music.
Of course, the fair has a deeply Andalusian flavor, and if you
want to breathe in the spirit of the region, you'll find no better
place - the clothes, the music, the horses, the dances, the life-
style . . . everything is there.
The most significant image of the April Fair is the gateway to
the precinct, a colorful work of art which illumines the area
with about 20,000 light bulbs. It's a temporary structure, and a
different one is erected every year.
The fair is a worthy spectacle in itself, but bear in mind that
many of the casetas are only accessible by invitation. However, others have free access for
everyone (the staff at the entrance will help you to identify them).
Image Credit: Some stalls and attendants to the fair. Image by EdTarwinski.
When It's Free
This is an open festival; there is no admission charge. You will have to pay for food or drink,
but there are sometimes free tastings. It runs for six days and is held in April or early May,
two weeks after Holy Week.
Contact Information
Andalunet. Calle Trovador 8. 41018. Sevilla
902 276 175 ( English Translation )
Neighborhood: Los Remedios.
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