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Madrid Book Fair, Madrid
The Madrid book fair traces its origins to 1933. Traditionally held in Retiro Park , the fair
and manuscripts sought by collectors. There are usually more than 200 stalls, featuring all
kinds of books, old and new, sometimes sold at very good discounts.
Famous Spanish writers attend the event, signing copies of their works and exchanging a
few words with their fans.
The fair is held in late May and early June, but if you visit Madrid at any other time of the
year, you can check out the permanent open air book market just next to the park, in the
sloped Cuesta de Moyano Street. It's made up of 30 wooden stalls, built in an early 20 th cen-
tury style to retain the look of the market's origins, and like the annual fair it's a great place
to find old books without having to go through a lot of bookstores.
Image Credit: A general view of the fair. Image by deramaenrama .
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