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ArdeLucus Roman Festival, Lugo
Lugo is the oldest city in Galicia, founded in the year 25 B.C. by the Romans and given
the name Lucus Augusti. It still retains many traces of its Roman origins, chief among them
its fortified wall , the only one in the world with an entirely intact perimeter (declared a
UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2000). The ArdeLucus Festival takes the city back
to its Roman roots for a few days.
This historical festival has several key locations , like the Marcellum (market). Located at
the Plaza Mayor, it's the main meeting point, where a wide variety of handmade products
are sold. The Castra de Lucus Augusta is a big camp where Roman troops, gladiators and
local tribes live together for a few days, with several activities available for visitors. If you
prefer to see a tribe on its own, you can visit their settlement and see how they lived in those
long gone days. In the Circus, gladiator fights are carried out. There's also the Romanus
Theatrum, where spectators can see plays, concerts and fire shows.
Image Credit: Roman soldiers. Image by Álvaro Pérez Vilariño.
When It's Free
This is an open festival with free admission. It is held in June.
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