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Battle of La Albuera
The War of Independence , in the 19 th century, was the last great conflict in which Spain
faced a foreign power. The Spaniards, with the help of Portugal and England, fought against
the French army of Napoleon, who intended to conquer Spain. The battle of La Albuera
(Extremadura) was part of this conflict, in which 25,000 French and Polish soldiers fought
against 35,000Spaniards, Portuguese andEnglishmen. The goal ofthe bothsides was towin
control of the fortresses of the Extremadura region, which were key in the defense of Por-
The reenactment of the battle of La Albuera is one of the most detailed of its kind in Spain.
Roughly one thousand participants take part, recreating the era with period uniforms and
weapons. The festival lasts four days, with the first two dedicated to parades, historical talks
and a theatrical production. The battle reenactment takes place during the last two days, with
a recreation of the maneuvers of both sides, including the use of artillery. The festival closes
with a horse show and another parade.
Image Credit: Reenactment of the battle. Image by City Council of Albuera.
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