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Grape Harvesting Festival, Logroño
In a region where everything revolves around grapes and wine, the grape harvesting festival
is one of the most important occasions of the year. It's celebrated on September 21, and the
main event is the offering of the first grape juice of the season to the Virgin of Valvanera,
patroness of La Rioja. This juice is squeezed by two men dressed in traditional costume,
who climb into a big bucket full of grapes and, linking arms, press the grapes with their bare
feet. The juice is then collected in a jar and offered to the Virgin.
The festival features other events during the week, including a parade, food tastings, bull-
fights, Basquepelota games, concerts, street performances and fireworks onthe bank ofriver
Image Credit: Vineyards in La Rioja. Image by JesúsGarcía.
When It's Free
This is an open festival; there is no admission fee. It is held annually in September.
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