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Jousts of the Honorable Passage, Hospital de Órbigo
The knights and tournaments of Medieval Europe have be-
come the stuff of legend. Every June, the town of Hospital de
Órbigo (Castilla y León region) brings back a taste of those
times with its medieval jousts, celebrated to commemorate a
great tournament held in 1434 by petition of the knight Don
Suero de Ordóñez to the king Juan II of Castile . Don Suero
wished to prove his love to the lady Doña Leonor de Tovar,
and he challenged every man who wished to cross the town's
bridge to joust with him.
The tournament, which was named Paso Honroso (“Honorable
Passage”), included several hundred participants and lasted for
a month. After proving his courage, Don Suero went on a pil-
grimage to Santiago de Compostela.
The current jousts revive the 15 th century atmosphere, using hundreds of performers dressed
in period costumes. In addition to the recreation of the jousts, the festival includes ex-
hibitions, concerts, archery and falconry demonstrations, actor performances and medieval
One of the highlights of the festival is the Medieval Dinner, which starts with a parade from
the bridge, with the participants carrying torches in a great nocturnal spectacle. At the end
of the march they light a big ritual bonfire, after which the dinner begins.
Image Credit: A medieval joust. Image by Loadmaster .
When It's Free
The festival is free to attend but there may be fees associated with events. It is held the first
weekend of June.
Contact Information
Paso Honroso Bridge. Hospital de Órbigo (Castilla y León)
987 38 80 87
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