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Wine Battle, Haro
If you're in Buñol in June, then don't miss the “wine battle,” where in Haro (La Rioja) they
use their own traditional crop, the grapes, to organize a fun and crazy (yet harmless) war.
The wine battle's historical origin is said to be a dispute among Miranda del Ebro (Burgos)
and Haro over the possession of the Bilibio region. Every June 29, a Haro emblem is set on
the top of a hill in Bilibio, and tradition says that if the inhabitants of the town don't attend
the event, they will lose jurisdiction of the region to Miranda.
Of course, everything is merely symbolic, including the wine battle, which is carried out
after the mass and the lunch, between the inhabitants of Haro and Miranda. The goal isn't
harming the “enemies,” but soaking them with as much wine as possible. Just about any-
thing that can contain liquid is used as a “weapon,” including buckets, water guns, plastic
bottles, and more. If you plan to engage in the battle, be sure not to wear or carry anything
valuable, since everything ends up soaking wet and stained with wine!
Image Credit: The wine battle. Image by BigSus.
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