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Pilgrimage to El Rocío
The pilgrimage to El Rocío is part religion, part festival, and part journey. Groups called
brotherhoodstravel onfoot,byhorseback orbycarriage toElRocío, asmall village nearAl-
monte (Huelva), arriving 50 days after Easter. The journey is very festive, and the pilgrims,
dressed in traditional clothing, sing flamenco songs as they travel. In the evenings, they set
up camps and the partying goes on deep into the night.
Once the brotherhoods arrive at El Rocío, they have a parade before the Virgin Mary statue,
an act meant to cleanse pilgrims from their sins. This is the best moment to attend the fest-
ival as a tourist, since you can see all the pilgrims together.
Sunday night is the high point of the festivities, as the people arrive from Almonte jump
the fence of El Rocio's church and take out the statue of the virgin, which they will parade
through the town on Monday morning.
Image Credit: Pilgrims headed to El Rocío. Image by Avicentegil .
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