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Museum of Human Evolution, Burgos
The mountain range of Atapuerca, in the region of Burgos, hosts one the most important
anthropological sites in Europe. The prehistoric human remains found in its here have been
crucial to understanding humanity's ancient history.
The Museum of Human Evolution was built close to the archaeological site to share Atapu-
erca's findings, as well as the scientific methods involved in anthropology, especially those
related to the theory of human evolution.
The museum features a great number of exhibitions, which aim to be not only didactic but
also entertaining. These exhibitions include fossils of the oldest human species in Europe
(with an age of 850,000 years), prehistoric weapons and tools and a gallery of hominids with
detailed, life-sized reproductions of the different types of humans through the ages.
Other attractions include a replica of Charles Darwin's ship, “The Beagle”, and a laboratory
where visitors will receive explanations of how the newly discovered fossils are treated.
Image Credit: One of the museum's exhibition halls. Image by Juan Ramón Rodríguez Sosa .
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