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99.Traditional Courtyards Festival, Córdoba
The courtyard is a traditional architectural feature of Andalusian houses, ideal for the hot
and dry climate of the region.
First used by the Romans and later by the Moors, courtyards generally consist of an open
space in the center of the house, often including a fountain, a well to collect rainwater and an
abundance of plants. Many contemporary Andalusian houses keep this configuration, with
the main entrance connected directly to the patio.
Córdoba is arguably the city where the most beautiful patios can found, and its citizens feel
so proud of them that since 1921 there has been an official competition to choose the best
courtyard of the year. Held in the first week of May, anyone can visit the competing court-
yards during the competition. Since 2013, it has been necessary to get an entry ticket, but
they're free of charge. A festival accompanies the competition, with performances by local
Image Credit: A Cordoban patio. Image by hurren larbi .
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