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98. Cádiz Airplane Festival, Cadiz
The Cádiz Airplane Festival gives spectators the chance to see fighter planes performing
spectacular acrobatic stunts. The planes and helicopters belong to the Spanish armed forces;
models include the F-18, the Harrier II, the Yak 52, the Mirage F-1, the Eurocopter AS 322
and the Eurofighter Typhoon. Some foreign guest planes and pilots also participate.
The festival is celebrated every September over the Playa de la Victoria. Some highlights of
the show include planes drawing in the sky using colored smoke and parachuters descending
on the beach while displaying an enormous Spanish flag.
The festival is very popular, with an average attendance of 200,000 people, and gives at-
tendees the chance a glimpse at some of the work of the forces stationed at the nearby base
of Rota.
Image Credit: A Harrier over Cádiz. Image by JoaquínAldeguer.
When It's Free
There is no charge for admission. The festival occurs annually in September. Consult the
website for specific dates.
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