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97.Carnival of Cádiz
In the 16 th century, Cádiz was one of the most important seaports of the Spanish Empire . As
a result, the city had a rich cultural interchange with other cities around the world. One such
city was Venice, whose famous Carnival inspired the Cádiz citizens to create their own fest-
ival. These days, the Carnival of Cádiz is arguably the most famous in Spain, especially due
to the sense of humour that permeates it.
The events of the festival include parades, fireworks, free concerts and popular meals, in a
week that puts the entire city in motion. One of the festival's main features are the chirigotas
- performance groups that compose satirical songs about current social and political themes.
They compete each year in a popular contest, striving to be the best, the funniest and the best
Visiting the Carnival will also give you the chance to explore the beautiful coastal city of
Image Credit: A chirigota. Image by Barrycai.
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