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93. Cervantes Week, Alcalá de Henares
Alcalá de Henares, in the region of Madrid, is known for its rich cultural history and its an-
cient buildings. It was also the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes , the acclaimed author of
Don Quixote . Alcalá holds a week-long festival devoted to this famous writer, during which
the town revisits the 16th century, immersing locals and visitors in the culture and lifestyle
of that era.
The most popular event in Cervantes Week is the medieval market. In its dozens of stalls,
visitors will find lots of hand-made products and traditional foods, some of which are hard
to find in regular stores. Other events include theatrical performances, lectures, concerts and
“Gastronomical Week,” in which some Alcalá's best restaurants offer menus based on the
dishes mentioned in Don Quixote .
Image Credit: The medieval market. Image by luipermom .
When It's Free
Cervantes Week is an open event. It is celebrated in October, but as of this writing, the dates
for this year were not set. Email the tourist office for more information.
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