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92.Moors and Christians Festival, Alcoy
This traditional festival, held annually in honor of Saint George, also commemorates the oc-
cupation by the Muslim Moors and the wars they fought with the Christians. Though this
festival is celebrated throughout the Valencia region, the one held in Alcoy is recognized as
the original.
The highlights of the festival are its parades, in which hundreds of citizens of all ages dress
in detailed and beautiful medieval costumes. Tradition says that Moors and Christians must
first parade separately, so each side has its own procession, and the next day both march
together. Another important event is the recreation of the 1276 Battle of Alcoy against the
Muslim lord Al-Azraq , which is held in the Plaza de EspaƱa.
Image Credit: One of the festival's parades. Image by Popezz .
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