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The Spanish welcome travelers with children, as children are integrated into many parts of
daily life, especially in the cities. Because there is such a wide range of children's activit-
ies, rather than list individual entries in this chapter, I have included an extensive list of free
children's activities throughout the country. Links should take you to more information on
Please send corrections, additions and comments to me at .
· The Barcelona Magic Fountain is free for everyone.
· Barcelona has a wide variety of free parks the kids will enjoy.
· Visit one of Bareclona's nice beaches .
· Visit the Las Ramblas Street Performers
· The Retiro Park is free for everyone.
· What's On For Kids, from
Fuengirola, Málaga
· Children under 3 can enter Biopark Fuengirola for free. Adult tickets get you free
entry into Bioparc Valencia as well.
· The Antequera Donkey Sanctuary is free for everyone.
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