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Museum of Burgos, Burgos
The Museum of Burgos is devoted to the rich history of this Castilian city, from the Palaeo-
lithic to current times.
It's located in the Casa de Miranda, a 16 th Century Renaissance palace with a beautiful
courtyard. Collections cover the following periods: Prehistory, Old Age, Middle Ages,
Renaissance, Baroque and 19 th -20 th Centuries.
The Prehistory section pays special attention the important archaeological site of Atapuerca
(located at the outskirts of Burgos), showing replicas of some of its most important discov-
eries. The Middle Ages section has an important Mozarabic Art collection. The Renaissance
section is remarkable, with exceptional mausoleums and altarpieces. The collection is com-
pleted with some very interesting works from the 19 th and 20 th Century Burgos artists.
Image Credit: One of the museum's halls. Image by Zarateman .
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