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90.Teide National Park, Tenerife
Mount Teide is sometimes compared to Mount Fuji in Japan , as they are both volcanos, both
the highest peak in their country, and both 12,200 feet high. The summit sits in a beautiful
national park in the Canary Islands , off the coast of Morocco.
tains to a volcanic landscape with two massive craters. The park contains 58 species of
plants endemic to the Canaries, including the Teide Violet, the highest flowering plant of
Spain.Thestargazingisoutstanding.ItisnowonderUNESCO addedtheparktotheirWorld
Heritage List .
There's a cable car that will take you close to the top, with spectacular views of the park and
of island. To hike the remainder to the summit requires, you must request permission from
the National Park, as it is often closed due to severe conditions.
This is an area of extreme temperatures, so if you go in winter be sure to wear warm clothes,
and if you go in summer take enough water with you. A great time to visit is in February,
during Carnival. Local honey is available in the Las CaƱadas area of the park.
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