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88. Peninsula of Magdalena, Santander
The peninsula of Magdalena is located on the coast of Santander. Like many other public
parks, it was originally a royal property, with a beautiful green area and a palace that was
used as summer residence by Alfonso XIII in early 20 th century. The palace is currently
owned by a prestigious university, and its 60 acres of gardens are one of the best places in
Santander to take a walk or go cycling, especially on a sunny day.
One of Magdalena's most popular places is its maritime zoo, which features penguins, sea
lions, seals, and ducks that everyone can visit free of charge.
Visitors can also enjoy the golden sands of the Magdalena beach, a kids' area with several
games, the former royal stables (now used as a students' residence), a passageway over the
sea, reproductions of three ancient vessels, and last but not least, the amazing sights of the
Santander Bay.
Image Credit: An aerial view of the Peninsula. Image by María Victoria Gómez Fernández .
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