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86. Madrid Río
Following extensive development work that finished in 2009, the bank of the river Man-
zanares was transformed into a 10 km park running through the heart of Madrid.
Along the path, you'll be able to enjoy not only urban landscapes, but also several green
areas and monuments , like the King's Bridge, the Virgendel Puerto Chapel and the Bridge
of Segovia.
Madrid Río is a great place for a nice walk or bicycle ride, with several viewpoints to spot
many of the best-known streets and landmarks of Madrid. You'll find many play areas for
children, including a slide hill, a tree trunk jungle and a zip-line. One of the most remarkable
spots is the urban beach , which features three water areas. Several paid activities include
paddle courts and soccer fields.
Image Credit: Perrault Bridge, in Madrid Río. Image by Jhoczbox .
When It's Free
You can walk along Madrid Río every day. There is no admission fee.
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