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83. Juan Carlos I Park, Madrid
With 160 hectares, this is the largest park in Madrid. Great for
exercising, it could take several hours to walk it in its entirety.
Different from many other urban Spanish parks, Juan Carlos I
has large grass areas where visitors are allowed to lie down,
picnic, and sunbathe.
There are many free activities here. You can hire a bicycle , take
a fitness class ( English translation ), play basketball or soccer,
trek up its numerous hills for beautiful views, or feed the fish
with the kids.
Check out the Solar Pyramid ( English translation ) where resid-
ents can charge their vehicles with the same solar energy that
powers the park lights. Also of interest is the Cold Stove green-
house and Japanese garden.
The park also offers an area devoted to kiting, a little train that offers free rides throughout
the park, and the “Garden of the three cultures” which brings together elements Christian,
Muslim and Jewish civilizations, that lived together peacably for several hundred years in
Art lovers will enjoy the modern sculptures spread throughout the park. One of the world's
great parks, this is a spacious and delightful spot to spend an entire day.
Image Credit: A hill in Juan Carlos I park. Image by Javier Lastras .
When It's Free
Admission is free every day. Open from 7 AM to 1 PM.
Contact Information
Glorieta de Don Juan de Borbón 5, 28042, Madrid
914 009 241 ( English Translation )
Neighborhood : Barajas
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