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81. Tarifa Beaches, Cádiz
In recent years, the beaches of the Tarifa area (Cádiz region) have become popular among
both Spaniards and foreigners, due to the clean water, the beautiful environment - with al-
most no oceanfront hotels in sight - and the fact that they're less crowded than other, more
touristy spots. Plus they're free! They're a great alternative to regions like Levante and the
Balearic Islands.
There are eight main beaches, of different sizes and characteristics. Some of the beaches
allow for nudity. If you're into windsurfing, you'll find great conditions for the sport on
beaches like Bolonia , Los Lances and Valdequeros .
While some of the beaches are quite busy, with sport clubs and houses nearby, others are
great places to go for a relaxing, tranquil day. The biggest of the Tarifa beaches is Los
Lances (14,700 feet long and 393 feet wide), and it is typically not overly crowded.
Image Credit: Beach of Los Lances. Image by Falconaumanni.
When It's Free
All year.
Contact Information
Turismo de Cádiz. Plaza de Madrid s/n Estadio Ramón de Carranza. Cádiz .
956 807 061
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