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Cosmocaixa, Barcelona
Like many other cultural centers owned by La Caixa Savings Bank, Cosmocaixa occupies
an old modernist building: the old hospice of Santa LucĂ­a. In 1981, the hospice was turned
into a science museum, and in 2005 it became a cultural center geared towards science, with
a young audience in mind. With 323,000 square feet to explore, the center has plenty to see
and do.
Cosmocaixa is highly interactive, and its permanent exhibition offers different experiments
and activities that will entertain visitors while helping them to understand the area's scientif-
ic phenomena. Attractions include a geological wall, a small Amazonian rainforest, touch
screens, a Foucault pendulum, and a digital planetarium.
Many of the experiences are designed for younger children, but people of all ages can enjoy
the exhibits. There are also regular talks, courses and workshops. In addition, Cosmocaixa
hosts temporary exhibitions, each with its own dedicated programs and activities.
Image Credit: The tropical forest. Image by Jordiferrer .
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