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75. Royal Palace and gardens of Aranjuez
Spanish monarchs once spent their summer in this area in the Madrid region. The royal
palace of Aranjuez was built in the 15th Century, under the reign of the Isabel and Fernando .
After successive expansions in the 18th Century, it grew into an impressive building, com-
parable to the palace of Madrid. The interior is decorated with an important collection of art,
furniture and mirrors.
Four gardens were created to compliment the palace, starting during the reign of Felipe II .
One of them, the “Garden of the Prince” was designed to surround the summer residence of
the heir to the throne.
Famous for their statues and beautiful fountains, the gardens of Aranjuez are arguably the
most important of Spain.
Image Credit: One of the fountains at the Garden of the Island. Image by Ángel Serrano .
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