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72. Caixaforum Tarragona, Tarragona
Caixaforum Tarragona, located in the commercial center of the city,
has become one of its main cultural spaces. Housed in a beautifully
renovated neoclassical building by the architect Pujol y Sevil , its of-
fers art exhibitions, international cooperation programs, conferences,
concerts, arts and film.
Aswithother Caixaforumcenters ( Englishtranslation ),contemporary
art plays a very important role, and in recent times its temporary ex-
hibitions have featured the work of artists like Cartier-Bresson , Chill-
ida or Mucha .
Music is a big part of its schedule, with several concerts throughout
the year, both for the general public and families. The center wants to
be an active part of its community, and it features exhibitions spe-
cially devoted to Tarragona.
It also participates in activities carried out in the city, like the international music festival
Dixieland Tarragona .
Image Credit: An oil painting by Mucha. Image by Art Renewal Center Museum.
When It's Free
Every day.
Contact Information
Cristòfor Colom, 2, 43001 Tarragona
977 24 98 71
( English Translation )
Neighborhood : Centro.
Public Transportation: Bus Line 1.
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