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Spanish performance comes in many flavors and is accessible from small town to big city. I
have found free performances and shows are sometimes hare to find in Spain, but there are
several free annual festivals (listed in the free festivals chapter ).
One outstanding free cultural resource are the Caixaforum centers ( English translation ) loc-
ated in several major cities, offer regular free concerts, lectures, and movies.
You can also find very good musicians busking on the streets of Madrid. They have to audi-
tion !
This chapter includes only annual events, bars and clubs with free music, or places to go to
see music and on a regular basis. It does not include one-time concerts or calendar based
events. Here are a few calendars that list free music and events: Madrid music music calendar
For Free Barcelona
Barcelona Life
Barcelona Metropolitan
Explore Seville
Toledo - Lonely Planet
This is Valencia
Music of Valencia
As you read through this chapter make sure to check each event's website before visiting, as
dates, times, and other pertinent details change regularly.
Please send corrections, additions, and comments to me at .
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