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67. Basilica of the Pillar, Zaragoza
The Basilica Of Our Lady Of The Pillar was built somewhat late in Spanish history, begun
in 1681 on the site of a previous Roman church. The new cathedral was conceived with a
Baroque style , and the pillar of its name alludes to a jasper column found in its interior, that
according to tradition was left there by the Virgin Mary.
The main building was finished in 1754, but different improvements and expansions were
gradually added throughout the decades, with the participation of such important architects
as Ventura Rodríguez . Finally, in 1972, the temple was declared complete.
With its twelve domes, the cathedral-basilica is one of the most important examples of
Baroque architecture in the world, and its location, at the banks of river Ebro, contribute to
its majesty. The interior is spectacular, with three big naves and a choir from the 16th Cen-
tury, delicately carved in oak wood.
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