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66. Monastery of Santa Clara, Tordesillas
This monastery was originally built as a mudejar palace by the
King Alphonse XI around 1340, commemorating his victory in
the Battle of the Salado . He financed the building with the
bounty he obtained.
The palace started off as a residence for a lover of the king, but
it was later turned into a nun's monastery and named for Saint
Claire , one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi . Its
nuns are known as “ Clarisas .”
Despite many reforms, the monastery is still one of the finest
examples of Mudéjar architecture (pronounced “moo-the-
har”), a style started in Spain and mixes Christian and Islamic
church with beautiful arches, an impressive golden dome and a stunning altarpiece triptych
with exquisite decoration. The monastery is popular among lovers of classic art.
Image Credit: Main chapel of the monastery. Image by Locutus Borg .
When It's Free
Admission is free on Wednesday and Thursdays in the afternoon, for EU and Latin America
citizens or residents. Free also for children under five, teachers (for individual entry), people
with disabilities, and for “large families.” Also, access is free for everyone on May 18, In-
ternational Museum Day .
Contact Information
Calle de Santa Clara, 0, 47100 Tordesillas, Valladolid
983 77 04 63
Neighborhood : Tordesillas
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